Having just returned from a training camp with Jazz, I can honestly say that I could not recommend her more highly.

She is passionate, and considerate, and even in a mixed abilities group coaching session, provided concise yet precise feedback and instruction, personalised for each participant.

She took time to demonstrate stroke techniques, both on land and in the water, and allowed me time to make minor changes, encompassing the drill work in the full stroke lengths. Every session was carefully planned, with clear objectives. Again each session built on work undertaken in previous sessions, recapping what I had learned, and testing my knowledge, style and skill.

Jazz has a unique ability to make the swimmer understand the theory and easily put it into practice. She is an excellent communicator, but equally an excellent listener who responds well to feedback, multiple questions and what was often, my lack of understanding. She is patient and flexible and her broad smile lights up every swim session.

It goes without saying that Jazz is inspirational. She is extremely modest, despite her immense knowledge of the sport, skill, and amazing achievements. She does not just stand poolside or just swim beside you in open water observing. She shared her knowledge and information, and having an in-depth comprehension of different swimmers, and swimming styles, adapted her delivery to suit our individual needs, monitoring our strokes and stroke technique. I personally benefitted greatly from Jazz’s coaching and noted an improvement in my overall performance after each session.

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