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Double Olympic Silver Medalist

Unlock your swimming potential.

Jazz and her team of World class coaches and sports professionals will guide and coach you to achieve your swimming goal with support, advice and unique training plans.

Tips & Advice

Providing you with all the tools that Jazz has learnt and experienced during her swimming career. Helping you to improve your training in and out of the pool.

Member Events

Come and join Jazz and the team at our ‘Swim with Jazz’ training events. Enjoy group training sessions in and out of the pool or book a personal session with one of the team.

Training Plans

Session plans designed by Jazz herself, from beginners to advanced or take advantage of our bespoke training plans, tailored to your goals or race calendar.

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Why Swim with Jazz?

“I achieved my success in the Olympics and as a European + Commonwealth Champion thanks to the extraordinary effort of others. I remain enormously grateful to the team for sharing their expertise to allow me to reach my dream.

Through Swim with Jazz, I share my knowledge and skills so that others can benefit from the advantages that I received. I have teamed up with the finest nutritionist, physio and sporting professionals to steer and support you to achieving your swimming goals”.

Standing on the blocks in Rio...

"Standing on the blocks in Rio, I didn't feel the pressure, just the excitement to compete with the best in the World and to give it my everything. I smashed my first heat swim with a best time and I knew from that moment I was ready to race. I had to stay calm and make sure I recovered well for the final... Here it was, the swim I had been waiting for... my final swim. WOW, another best time! and this one earned me a Silver Medal. I can’t really remember much about the race, but I can vividly picture the moment when I touched the wall… pure joy!"

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